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To get lot of free material for CIMA November 2015 and get tip to prepare for November 2015 exam please visit  http://iunique1.weebly.com/exam-tutorials/cima-p3-exam-p3-risk-managementperformance-strategy-exam-preparation Easy or difficult exam? Be prepared for any possibility!  Astranti Financial Training - CIMAStrategic Case Study Newsletter  Hi Everyone,  One interesting aspect of the CIMA Case Study exam is that for every sitting their are five variants of the exam.  Students will see some variants as easy and others as relatively difficult.  You need to be aware that if you get an exam that you perceive to be 'easy', then you will probably have to provide a very high quality answer in order to stand out from the crowd.  The average mark for the variant is likely to be initially high, but this will be lowered in the moderation process to ensure that all students are treated equally regardless of the variant they received.  On the other hand, don't panic if you get a 'difficult' exam! As long as you have put in the hours of revision you will be in a great position to give a good answer.  The benchmark for this variant is likely to be relatively lower which will be reflected in how the exam is marked and the moderation process.  Either way practise is key!  The best way to prepare yourself for any variant is practise practise practise....  With this in mind, why not try our mock exams?!  These are designed with varying levels of difficulty to reflect the sorts of variants you will get in the real exam.  Don't miss out on this great offer!  To find out more details on our mock exams and how you can purchase them please follow the link below:  http://astranti.com/amember/aff/go/ravi20/?i=43  To sign up and get free material please visit http://astranti.com/amember/aff/go/ravi20/?i=4  Some of the quality free material for November 2015 exam , you can get by clicking http://astranti.com/amember/aff/go/ravi20/?i=20  To study other Strategic case study material for November 2015 exam please visit below mentioned links  1. SCS Course Video http://astranti.com/amember/aff/go/ravi20/?i=42  2. SCS Study Text http://astranti.com/amember/aff/go/ravi20/?i=41 


Started by Ravindra Tiwari in CIMA C01 . Last reply by Majed Hamdan Dec 1 2015 10:26AM

Past Exam - December 2014

Hi, I'm currently revising using the December 2014 past exam and am a bit confused with the answer to Q2 Glam Co in section B. The answers state that when calculating the TPAR for treatments you should use the total bottleneck hours of 7,200, this gives the 'Total salon costs per bottleneck hour' of £42.56 for treatments (the same as for cuts.) I'm confused as the 7,200 is the amount from part a of the question, for the senior stylists capacity for cuts, the capacity for treatments was 4,800 so I thought that this would be the amount of hours used to calculate the TPAR for treatments.  Giving a Total salon costs for bottleneck hour for treatments of £63.83. Can anyone  please clarify why the 7,200 is used for both TPAR calculations please? Many thanks, Gina


Started by Gina Spencer in ACCA F5 . Last reply by Gina Spencer Nov 28 2015 5:06PM

Where can I buy extra past papers?

I live in the United States and so the exam kit will not arrive in time. I have done the past papers available on the ACCA website but would like some more for practise...any help?     


Started by Chloe brown in ACCA F6 . Last reply by Chloe brown Nov 26 2015 8:18PM

Using the ACCA P5 Forum

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Started by Kaplan Administrator in ACCA P5 . Last reply by Hilal Ahmad Nov 26 2015 9:19AM

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