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    Coping with exam stress

    We reflect on using techniques like “mindfulness” to reduce the impact nerves have on exams.

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Study Materials
  • acca-material

    ACCA Complete Learning Solution

    Official ACCA study materials including;the Complete Text, Exam Kit, Pocket Notes,Final Assessment and free online materials.

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    Complete Text

    Exam Kit

    Pocket Notes

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  • cima-material

    Official CIMA Study Text

    Containing important theory with worked examples, questions, answers and free online materials including Progress Tests.

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    Also available:

    Practice Kit

    Revision Cards

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  • aat-material

    AAT Study Text

    Contains detailed syllabus coverage and step by step explanations illustrated in a clear and concise style.

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    Study Text

    Revision Kit

    Pocket Notes

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Using the ACCA F2 Forum

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Started by Kaplan Administrator in ACCA F2 . Last reply by Ali Maqsood Jul 22 2015 4:13AM

I really was hoping for a more active forum...

Could some one point me towards one, please?


Started by Iain Engebretsen in AAT Level 2 . Last reply by Iain Engebretsen Jun 28 2015 10:44PM


have any sit june exam F5 abc quite odd, no units given transfer price odd, no transfer sale price ti division given???


Started by Francesco Quagliano in ACCA F5 . Last reply by Francesco Quagliano Jun 4 2015 1:21PM

June 12 q 1 PPE and land adj

Hi, wondering if someone could help me with June 12 question 1. I don't understand why the dividend from the sub has been added to retained earnings, should this not have been removed for consolidation? also for the non current assets, increase in land for hail and ppe for zinc of 24 and 1 respectively, how has this been calculated? Thanks


Started by Jen Jen in ACCA P2 . Last reply by Jen Jen May 27 2015 11:10AM

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